La Via della Conoscenza

Conceptual Figurative Abstract collection: when painting becomes need to communicate.

Oil on canvas, 50 x 50cm. Year 2009

Private collection

Tribute to universal culture; in particular, it is a hope that the road for centuries traveled by many generations, in order to “get virtute and canoscenza” can still be traveled with a view to global cultural enrichment.

The road is immersed in the universe, indicating the universality of culture; the main elements of knowledge, present on the whiteboard move on two staff, also in motion, to indicate the dynamism of universal knowledge and at the same time its musicality, which echoes in the universe like an orchestra well-agreed.

Conceptual Figurative Abstract. Right to life, happiness and the desire to shout: “I exist, I live”.

In the Conceptual Figurative Abstract paintings the artist communicates sensations, feelings, joy, passions, anger and life fundamental principles …. in short, the right to life, going beyond the mere representation of reality.

“I exist, I live” and “When painting becomes need to communicate” are therefore the pillars of Sergio Gianluca Notti’s Conceptual Figurative Abstract.

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