Sergio Gianluca NOTTI was born in Alessandria on 5.5.1970. Official in the Italian Navy, during his studies at Naval Academy, creates his first artworks, tied to nature and daily objects, where he ewpresses emotions and feelings through colors. Subsequently, the birth of his son in 2007 leads Notti to important meditations about man and to the definite belief that painting should not be only a tool to represent nature and the surrounding world, but a powerful means of communication for ideals, concepts and human principles. Thus, in 2009, abstract artworks were born, as part of a psychological analysis linked to children and to the human being, such as “Optimism and Pessimism”, “The Garden of Innocence”, “The Way of Knowledge”, “Let’s Play Together”, “Meetings” and “What a Future?.

He writes during some his meditations:

I look back at my past life and analyze my future, with the task and the pride to serve my country and at the same time to create and express with my colors what I think, on the basis of what life offers me.

I turn backwards and, I have to admit, I’m lucky. Sensitivity for the color and love for the family have made me an incurable romantic, state not always accepted by today’s fast-paced world.

Experiences that have seen children of any ethnicity and social condition, Innocent and overwhelmed by political power, wars and injustices that crush also what is heritage of all countries in the world.

I go home, I see my son, his eyes, “innocent he plays”, such as those children would like to play too, who live in countries where interests greater than them do not allow it anymore.

I think over and paint “The Garden of Innocence”, children’s feet of any ethnicity, in a colorful garden, as symbol of joy and inner strength, to grow and tell to the world “I’m here too”. We think about our future and the future of our children, in a society where the frenetic and technological life make us to forget the values of human life. The future will surely be progress, but it can not be only this one, also it absolutely must be a return to human being, to a mostly human dimension.

These last thoughts bring my mind in Africa, where the concept of robotics and progress is so far away, but at the same time it is the cradle of humanity; I therefore paint further artworks related to the human being: “Let’s play together”, “Meetings” and “What a future?” What future will we have as parents and What future will our children have, who will be the cornerstone of modern society?.

Graduated in physics, in 2009 he created the artworks belonging to “Physics Art”, to represent the principles of physics with colors. Through painting, physics therefore becomes art, in particular the art of cause and effect, applied to colors, according to a rigorous language, which is the physical – mathematical one.

Thus “Diffraction of the Red”, “Ties”, “Riding a ray of light” and “Big Bang of colors” came to light to start the artistic current of Physics Art.

Just as tribute to his colors and physics he composed the poetry “When colors become alive and become strength”, inspired to the paintings “Ties” and “Riding a ray of light”:

that flow undisturbed,
creating vortices and bonds;
poetry of a canvas,
elements of strength and life, inner joy.
I see you,
mirror of a thousand shapes and thoughts,
inspiring light of infinite ties,
matter that creates and destroys itself,
leaving the memory of shapes that are lost…
over time, … fading away…

courses and recourses of you,
frequencies that alternate and intertwine,
atoms merging into swirling reactions,
… where matter is molded.

Daring mixtures,
constantly waiting to be discovered,
you have always existed,
you call me,
you want me.

My colors,
since ever wishful to become a new element,
I can touch you,
I tie you;
let yourself be molded and rejoice,
becuse you are not barren matter,
but strength of change,
in an infinite becoming,
that transforms matter into emotion.

In 2010 he was selected by the artist Cecilia Martinelli for graphics and communication in his artworks and was present in some Martinelli’s cultural television programs as guest, also in the context of the Fashion Paint project. It is also present on the Catalog of Modern Art 2011 and 2012 published by Mondadori and on the Yearbook ARTE 2014 published by the Academy of Santa Sara.

In 2020 he further extends his abstract-communicative vision of his production, reinterpreting it through the Fluid Art, where, through colors flow, the Real and the Imaginary copenetrate becoming a single whole of suggestion and emotion. So paintings “Toward unknown”, “Presences” and “Mediterraneo” were born to start the artistic current of Fluid Art.

In 2021 he reinterprets the use of light and the effects that it creates with great charm within his works; therefore he exacerbates the use of particular photoluminescent paints, already used in the works of Physics Art, even in the Abstract Figurative ones, to give phosphorescent effects with emission of light in the dark, that completely captures the look of an observer. This is how works such as “Symphony” and “Pop Puzzle” were born, starting the artistic trend of the Luminous Works.