Il giardino dell'innocenza

Conceptual Figurative Abstract collection: when painting becomes need to communicate.

Oil on canvas, 50 x 50cm. Year 2009

Painting published on the Mondadori Modern Art Catalogue 2011.

Tribute to the beauty of a child’s innocence; in particular the clouds on the blue background represent human thought, the white circle represents an ideal circle of purity that envelops children; the eight feet represent the children’s feet in general, which can still be of any ethnicity (European, African, etc.), immersed in a multicolored garden.

In the middle of the garden we find the classic children’s toy, that is, a wooden cart and above it two cubes on whose faces are imprinted the letters of the world’s main alphabets, indicating that children’s innocence is a universal message, regardless of their ethnicity or social status.

Conceptual Figurative Abstract. Right to life, happiness and the desire to shout: “I exist, I live”.

In the Conceptual Figurative Abstract paintings the artist communicates sensations, feelings, joy, passions, anger and life fundamental principles …. in short, the right to life, going beyond the mere representation of reality.

“I exist, I live” and “When painting becomes need to communicate” are therefore the pillars of Sergio Gianluca Notti’s Conceptual Figurative Abstract.

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