Conceptual Figurative Abstract collection: when painting becomes need to communicate.

Oil on canvas, 50 x 100 cm. Year 2012

In a multi-ethnic world, ethnic groups meet in a multicolored carousel; in the picture this is idealized by meeting of different colors feet, indicating the different color of the skin, present within various stylized continents.

Two children in the foreground represent just one of these encounters, but the pink-skinned child has the same appearance as the one with the skin of color to indicate that it is the same child, although with different color skin; children see no difference in their skin.

This concept is further accentuated by the stylized shadow on the ground, which is unique, to indicate that it is the same child.

Children also see no difference between rich and poor, as represented in the painting, where they wear the same dress without color.

Conceptual Figurative Abstract. Right to life, happiness and the desire to shout: “I exist, I live”.

In the Conceptual Figurative Abstract paintings the artist communicates sensations, feelings, joy, passions, anger and life fundamental principles …. in short, the right to life, going beyond the mere representation of reality.

“I exist, I live” and “When painting becomes need to communicate” are therefore the pillars of Sergio Gianluca Notti’s Conceptual Figurative Abstract.

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