Diffrazione del Rosso

Physics Art collection: when physics becomes art.

Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70 cm. Year 2009

Diffraction of Red arises from the idea that laws of physics can be applied to art and tied to it.

Through art and in particular through colors, laws of physics can thus be represented and, in some cases, displayed.

I named this idea “The Physics Art” and I think it allows us, in a certain way, to see, through painting and colors, how nature and reality shows themselves to us.

Through painting, physics then becomes art, in particular the art of cause and effect, applied to colors, according to the strict physical – mathematical language.

Diffraction of Red is the first painting that starts the artistic strand of Physics Art.

In the painting a ray of light meets red and generates a red ray, which, coming from the upper left edge, impacts against a new canvas and, like a ray of light, undergoes diffraction effects, both in the surrounding environment and on canvas that thus becomes the diffraction main support.

I used fluoride colors, as red is in any case light and therefore must come out of canvas and hit the observer.

The words “Diffrazione del rosso” was made with reflectors, in order to project red light, with particular bright conditions of the surrounding environment.

“Physics Art” brings the physics laws inside art. Through painting, physics finally becomes art, in particular the cause and effect art, applied to colors, using the perfect physics and mathematics language.

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