Pop & light collection.

Acrylic and photoluminescent colors on canvas. Year 2021

Canvas dimension: 70 x 50 cm

Private collection

“Time Lines” represents an emotional journey within different historical periods, which starting from the ancient Egyptians, touches the Greek era, passes through the maximum expansion of Roman Empire, up to the Templars and the deep meaning of their existence, and arrives to Maya and the discovery of America, thanks to Christoforo Colombo. In addition, inside the painting there are photoluminescence effects that allow some details, not visible during the day, to light up in the dark, with particular reference to the first and last tercet of the Divine Comedy, under a mantle of stars.

In the works Pop & light, the artist meets The Pop Art and reinterprets the use of light and the effects that creates with great charm within his works; therefore he exacerbates the use of particular photoluminescent paints, already used in the works of Physics Art, to give the same phosphorescent effects with light emission in the dark, that completely captures the eye of an obs

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