Mezzogiorno a Monteriggioni

The Landscape and Still life collection: make reality speak.

Crayons on paper. 30 X 40 cm. Year 2008

During a trip I visited this little country, which struck me particularly, as the hard stone opposed to the force of nature brought me back to the simplicity of a longtime ago life, when we were children. For this reason I wanted to capture the particular serenity of this small country in Tuscany.

In the Landscape and Still life collection artworks, Sergio Gianluca Notti perceives a clear communication from what surrounds him, but sometimes complex and incomprehensible, especially at the beginning of his pictorial period.

He understands, therefore, that reality, in its complexity, speaks to us, but sometimes it is difficult, almost impossible, to listen to it.

Thus, he realizes artworks that portray reality, from the landscape to scenes of life, in which he makes reality speak, for what it must tell us going through cruel and concrete aspects to dreams and pure joy ones.

This collection does not end, therefore, at a certain moment of the artist’s production, but, born in the initial phase of his painting , continues even in the following periods, as reality will always have to communicate something to us.

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