Giochiamo insieme

Conceptual Figurative Abstract collection: when painting becomes need to communicate.

Watercolor on paper 300 gr. 40 x 60 cm. Year 2012

Private collection

In a multi-ethnic and multicolored world, children do not look at the color of the skin, but play together without prejudice, invoking the fundamental right to life.

Conceptual Figurative Abstract. Right to life, happiness and the desire to shout: “I exist, I live”.

In the Conceptual Figurative Abstract paintings the artist communicates sensations, feelings, joy, passions, anger and life fundamental principles …. in short, the right to life, going beyond the mere representation of reality.

“I exist, I live” and “When painting becomes need to communicate” are therefore the pillars of Sergio Gianluca Notti’s Conceptual Figurative Abstract.

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