Big Bang di colori

Physics Art collection: when physics becomes art.

Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm. Year 2009

Private collection

Tribute to Theory of Relativity father, Albert Einstein.

The painting shifts to colors the soul of some atomic physics experiments carried out at CERN in Geneva.

In other words, at CERN, subatomic particles disintegrate themselves in the collision with other particles at speeds close to light one, generating a lot of smaller particles, constituting matter in general.

Two white lines on canvas just represent two bundles of particles colliding; central explosion generate constituents of white, that is, the set of colors.

Such as subatomic particles generated in the collision, colors move, immersed in an imaginary magnetic field, on certain trajectories and with a lifespan that varies from color to color.

On canvas, colliding particles and central explosion are made with a phosphorus gel (which in the dark lights up turquoise), because, such as at CERN, they generate light.

“Physics Art” brings the physics laws inside art. Through painting, physics finally becomes art, in particular the cause and effect art, applied to colors, using the perfect physics and mathematics language.

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